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SENS - Stored Energy Systems

Products: Battery Chargers, Charger Rectifiers, DC Power Systems

States:  IA, IL, KS, MO, NE, WI

White Papers: BBS – FAQ's, BBS In Engine Starting Applications, Engine Start Battery Chargers, DC Power Systems, NiCAD Batteries

SENS provides highly reliable stationary industrial battery chargers and DC power systems for critical applications including electric utility, oil and gas, and process control.

  • Micro-processor chargers and battery check systems
  • Filtered and Unfiltered Chargers
  • Engine Start Battery Chargers
  • Best Battery Selector

SENS battery chargers and uninterruptible DC power systems protect against countless blackouts and economic damage around the clock.  SENS builds a rock-solid reliable non-stop power products to keep business in business.

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