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Day Tanks

There are three basic designs of Pryco Day Tanks: Standard, Manual and Trim.  All Tanks are available in single wall or double wall designs.

General characteristics are:

  • Standard and Manual tanks have the same physical dimensions.
  • Manual tanks however do not have a mounted pump, motor, float switch, and do not have a cover unless it is U/L Listed.
  • Standard and the Trim tanks have the same standard equipment; however, the Trim design has a smaller footprint and is taller.

All Pryco Day Tanks are fabricated of heavy gauge steel by certified welders.  Each tank is tested to 5 psi.  For detail specifications, select the basic design from the following links:

Many options are available to offer the exact functionality required by the project.  Please contact Power Source Midwest with the details of your project, and we will provide a customized tank package to meet your needs.


Standard Options include:

  • Removable Inspection Plate w/Gasket
  • Fuel Level Gauge
  • Heavy Duty Float Switch
  • “Press-to-Test” Switch
  • "Pump Running" Indicator Light
  • 1/3 hp Thermally Protected, 120vac, 1ph, 60hz Motor
  • 2 gpm Bronze Gear Pump w/Stainless Steel Shafts
  • Threaded Pipe Connections for:
    • Engine Supply and Return (w/Drop Tubes)
    • Atmospheric Vent
    • Emergency Vent (If U/L Listed)
    • Pump-To-Tank Inlets and Outlets (w/Drop Tubes)
    • Overflow (Normally Back to Main Tank)
    • Extra 2” Connection Ports
      • (2 ports in top of 10 thru 150 gallon tanks [one will be used for option 301, if included]
      • 1 port in tank top of 200 gallons and above)
    • If Double Wall Secondary Containment, Add
      • An Atmospheric Vent
      • An Emergency Vent (If U/L Listed)
  • Removable Top Cover
  • Epoxy Coating Inside

Pryco (Medium) Gray Exterior Paint (or an Industrial color of choice)


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